Hazardous Cabinets

Hazardous Cabinets

Flammable / COSHH / PPE / First Aid / Acid & Alkali / Stainless Steel

Our Flammable & Toxic Storage Cabinets are designed to comply with UK regulations. All cabinets & bins featured are of welded construction, supplied with drip trays and warning labels and even available as flammable mobile storage cabinets. Please contact us for any clarification regarding UK guidelines and specifications, etc.

Colours within the standard range and painted hazardous storage products within this website are finished in a hard wearing anti-bacterial powder coating, where indicated. Premiershield contains active silver ions that penetrate the bacteria cell walls inhibiting bacterial growth. It is effective against both gram negative and gram positive bacteria.

Premiershield is effective for the life of the coating and it is recommended as an aid to good hygiene practices, not as a replacement. Products coated in Premiershield are ideal for all sectors where humans come into direct contact with the product and especially in those difficult to clean areas. Examples include health, education, public buildings, factories, workshops, laboratories & offices, etc.

We Supply The Following:

  • Hazardous Mobile Storage Cabinets
  • Hazardous Steel Storage Cabinets
  • Hazardus Storage Bins
  • Hazardous Storage Cupboards & Cabinets