Mobile Shelving & Office Storage


At Onorin we appreciate that every customer’s requirements are different. While some mobile shelving systems may only need a few bays of shelving, others may need several hundred or even thousands. Designing each system also has to take into account many different factors such as size and shape of available space to house the mobile shelving units. You may also want to complete the project at once, or in stages over a period of time.

The end result for each project is that it can place demands on our clients who may need help and advice along the way.

Here at Onorin we want to be available to offer you advice or inspiration every step of the way and help you achieve exactly what you want with the minimum of upheaval.

We are at hand to help plan your mobile shelving system to allow you to maximise your storage requirements, and manage the logistical challenges ahead or give you support and new ideas.

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  • Advice