Mobile Shelving & Office Storage



The office sector is continually growing and changing, with commercial property prices always increasing it is becoming more and more critical for organisations to implement space saving products like mobile shelving and also to make sure that their offices reflect the image of the business so high quality office furniture is also very important.


A museum has very different concerns to many organisations, the very nature of the items stored means preservation is very important first and foremost, so any solution needs to protect valuable and irreplaceable collections but at the same time they should be accessible at all times. Both these factors are incorporated in all our designs.

NHS / Healthcare

Hospitals, MHTs, PCTs and clinics are being required more and more to find efficient ways of storing a multitude of varying items. This can provide a real challenge especially as medical records or critical medical supplies need to be convenient, easily accessible and where possible take up the minimum amount of space.

Archive / Libraries

All libraries and archives face the same challenge be it public, private or institutional, which is an ever increasing collection, the need to securely store books, magazine, documents, printed material and other various storage media such as film, cds, dvds or digital data storage microfilm which places increasing demands on their operating budgets.


One of the fastest moving sectors is the world of retail, with its endless products that change on a regular basis, flexibility is crucial in keeping up with customer demand and providing perfect service. In terms of storage this can be achieved by impressive front of house wall shelving units to movable storage systems that enable faster picking times, means the customer gets what they want when they want it.


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