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Single Skin Shelving System

The Onorin Multi Functional Single Skin Heavy Duty Shelving System is extremely versatile, which is strong, competitively priced, looks great and can fit into any environment.

The simple nature of this multi functional design means it is very economical to install and will suit most commercial and light industrial environments, in addition to applications in numerous other different situations.

This has made it a popular choice and very successful range, typically used in public sector organisations like Libraries, Council Offices, Museums and Hospitals.

The Onorin Multi Functional Shelving System will also expand as your needs grow too, without the expensive need to replace everything, making it the perfect system for an organisation of any size.

With the user in mind it was designed to offer the maximum benefit with a huge range of features and added accessories.

Static Shelving Benefits

  • Slotted uprights for easy and quick adjustment of shelves
  • Shelves with safe edges to front and rear flanges
  • Recessed shelf clips ensure concealed fittings for clear access
  • A choice of back cladding or cross brace
  • Shelves adjustable in 25 mm increments, simply clip into place
  • Bay loading (maximum): 500 kg (dependent on specification)
  • Shelves, uniform distributed load (maximum): 80 kg
  • Full range of accessories

Standard Heights

  • 1825mm - 2125mm - 2425mm
  • Standard Widths

    • 600mm-750mm-900mm-1000mm1100mm-1200mm-1250mm
    • Standard Depths

      • 150mm - 200mm - 250mm - 300mm - 350mm - 400mm - 450mm - 500mm - 600mm

  • Single Skin Shelving System
  • Single Skin Shelving System