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Office Server Cabinet Pro RM

Pro RM Server Cabinets

Acoustic computer enclosures with onboard remote management and control system

  • Remote reboot by device
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Real-time alerts


The Onorin Storage Systems Office Server Cabinet Pro RM is a quiet range of server cabinets that offer the full physical environment and feature set of the Office Server Cabinet Pro range of server enclosures but comes with a powerful 1U-environmental monitoring and remote power management system built in.

The PSEi37 acoustic rack features advanced sound proofing which results in virtually silent operation. This is combined with a feature-rich remote management pack that enables companies to deploy servers and network infrastructure direct in the working office at local sites, and manage the core IT functions remotely.

ComputerVault Pro RM remotely monitors rack temperatures, humidity, enclosure fan speeds, UPS status and can detect unauthorised cabinet access triggering an alert system to give advance warning of potential environmental or security problems.

Its comprehensive remote power management functions enable the systems administrator to switch individual devices on/off in each rack at any site.

The Range

38U Enclosure / 24U Enclosure / 18U Enclosure / 12U Enclosure

  • Office Server Cabinet Pro RM
  • Office Server Cabinet Pro RM