Office Server Cabinets

Business Case

Computer Room VS PSE38

Based on a 60-person office with 9 x servers, switches, patching, UPS, KVM and tape backup


  • Server Room = £10k to £20k
  • PSE38 = £3.5k

Typical Floor Space

  • Server Room = 9 square metres
  • PSE38 = 0.9 square metres

Electrical Usage

  • Server Room = 3000 Watts
  • PSE38 = 57 Watts

Air Con

Server Room

  • Wholly reliant on dedicated room aircon
  • Servers overheat and shut down if it fails
  • Small body of room air = short overheat time
  • Restoration by specialist engineer call-out


  • Uses room air in open office, with aircon or not
  • Large body of room air = long overheat time

Simple, hot-swappable fan modules:

  • much less complex than aircon
  • average life of service of fans is >8 years
  • Hold a spare fan module = instant up-time


Server Room — 4 to 6 Months

  • Internal resources needed for planning
  • Landlord approval drawings and timescales
  • Landlord can be a problem in old buildings
  • Construction disruption and lead time
  • Aircon machinery and ducting lead time

PSE38 — 2 to 4 Weeks

  • Typical lead times from Onorin Storage Systems
  • Often available ex-inventory
  • Unpack-and-place delivery service is standard
  • Delivered fully built and plug-and-play ready


Server Room
Repeat as above

Just add another Office Server Cabinet Pro


Server Room
Sunk cost not recoverable if you were to move

You can take it with you when you move

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  • Business Case