Lloyd George Boxes

Lloyd George Boxes

Lloyd George Boxes / Medical Record Storage

Lloyd George Boxes are designed for the storage of medical records & papers, they are found in hospitals, health centres and doctors surgeries throughout the UK.

They are often used with either static shelving or mobile storage systems.

The Lloyd George Boxes we supply are 1.5mm Thick Grey Millboard and the boxes can be finished with a Aluminium Card Holder or Brass Card Holder with a Handle.

The dimensions for each box are 105mm High x 136mm Wide (external) — this is the minimum size the box needs to be to house the Lloyd George envelopes and maximise on available shelf widths. Depths can vary up from 350mm / 370mm / 380mm / 400mm (front to back) including any fitment.

Delivery is normally 7 days, but speak to us if it is urgent and often we can provide them sooner. As our boxes are fully made up they are delivered in either split pallet loads of upto 100 boxes or full pallet loads of upto 400 boxes.

If you have any questions on our lloyd George boxes please dont hesitate to contact us on the details below and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Tel. 01628 200888

Email. storage@onorin.co.uk

Fax. 01628 200898

  • Lloyd George Boxes
  • Lloyd George Boxes