HTM-71 Medical Storage


HTM-71 / Hospital Shelving Storage System / Ward Storage

Hospital Technical Memorandum 71 (HTM-71) is the definitive standard for hospital shelving and the Onorin HTM-71 hospital shelving takes this to an even greater level of excellence.

Constructed specifically for medical trays and with a high load capacity of up to 120kg per bay, the Onorin HTM-71 shelving system is more than robust enough to exceed the requirements placed on it by exacting medical environments.

The stainless steel shelving is robust and designed to be easily cleaned and easily maintained. There is the ability to even coat the entire system in an antibacterial finish agent, making the HTM-71 an excellent choice.

The HTM-71 shelving system unit is great as a static bay but there is also a great if you want to convert the entire shelving system to become mobile shelving bays, which allows you to either double the storage capacity or even halve the storage footprint of the traditional system.

  • HTM-71
  • HTM-71