Mobile Shelving

Why mobile shelving?

With property costs accounting for an ever-increasing proportion of overheads, it has become increasingly important over recent years to optimise the utilisation of office space. Mobile Shelving can even double the storage capacity of an available area, freeing up important floor space for other uses.

Our basic mobile shelving systems are designed to be installed on your existing flooring with no need for any intrusive ground or civil works. The entire system can even be relocated if required in the future. The lay on track and integral flooring is height adjustable ensuring a level track on uneven floors.

Popular Uses For Mobile Shelving

  • Office filing and general storage
  • Medical records & hospital, doctors, patient records
  • Library shelving for books, brochures and media
  • Archive filing and document storage
  • Architects practices for drawings

How Safe is Mobile Shelving?

Onorin Storage only installs the highest quality mobile shelving systems, which are all very safe to use. The manually operated hand wheels that move the system are lockable, which comes as standard on all Onorin mobile storage systems. This ensures that the open aisle/walkway is locked open and that the adjacent mobile shelving units cannot be closed when personnel are accessing the storage area.

How easy is it to move Mobile Shelving?

All our systems from basic office storage systems to vast industrial archiving storage systems have the highest quality mechanism that creates a smooth and light turn via the hand-wheel to move the system.

Every system’s mechanism and gearing is built specifically for an exact project, this means that no matter what the weight or size of the system, the units are simple to move. We can also install electronic mobile shelving that means only a button needs to be pressed to move the entire system.

Does it require maintenance?

Mobile Shelving does require some maintenance from time to time to keep the system working smoothly. We strongly recommend cleaning the tracks to remove paper clips for example, this can be done using an ordinary vacuum cleaner.

We also recommend having a mobile shelving system serviced by a technician at least once a year. Onorin Storage offers mobile shelving servicing that will take away the headache or risk of your system ever becoming faulty.

  • Why mobile shelving?
  • Why mobile shelving?