Mobile Shelving

What is mobile shelving?

Unlike conventional static shelving that requires access for each bay, the mobile storage unit only requires one aisle to service all the units. The mobile storage units can be moved on their own or together, creating the aisle where it is needed, in many cases doubling the storage capacity.

When an item is required, the particular shelving bay is identified and an adjacent aisle is created by moving the mobile shelving units apart.

Onorin’s mobile shelving system can be fitted with a stylish hand wheel for manual operation or alternatively you can have an electronic touch panel for simple and safe operation of the units.

The specially designed front panels can be finished in a range of colours and materials to suit your office interior and is easily relocatable should you need to move the unit internally or even to a new building.

Standard Bay Sizes

Standard Heights

  • 1825mm - 2125mm - 2425mm
  • Standard Widths

    • 600mm-750mm-900mm-1000mm1100mm-1200mm-1250mm
    • Standard Depths

      • 150mm - 200mm - 250mm - 300mm - 350mm - 400mm - 450mm - 500mm - 600mm

      What We Need To Know From You

      When designing the most effective mobile shelving unit for you, we take in to consideration the following:

      • The location of the room within the building, such as the ground or top floor.
      • The available space in the room, including room size, available height and potential obstructions.
        • The approximate size, weight and quantity of the files or items to be stored.
          • Availability to work, either during working hours (8-5) or weekend/evening hours.

          Perfect for Medical Records Storage

          Our mobile shelving solutions have become increasingly more popular with clients due to the extra storage capacity it can create, along with the flexibility it provides and considerable cost savings.

          Onorin Storage Systems’ archive roller racking shelving solutions are designed to accommodate all organisations of any size. There is an extensive range of archive and file shelving storage systems available, from a single run of static office shelving to multiple full room designs, with a range of finish options to complement the existing appearances of the building or office.

          When it comes to a mobile storage system, we firmly believe that our mobile shelving systems are ideal for you. Our teams have years of experience and can help you make the most of your available and not to mention expensive floor space.

          Mobile Roller Racking

          Mobile racking is often used to refer to a number of things such as standard racking, roller racking, mobile shelving solutions or archive solutions among many other options. So if there are any racking solutions that your organisation or business need, rest assured we will be able to meet those requirements. Anything from mobile shelving solutions, to advanced static shelving solutions, we can provide it all.

          Onorin Storage offers a range of mobile shelving storage solutions to suit all businesses irrespective of their size or indeed the nature of the business, we are confident we will be able to cater to your individual requirements. Our Mobile storage solutions are designed to be convenient and our designs to help offices and organisations any size.

          When it comes specifically to archive storage, we are confident that we have what you are looking for, from basic static archive storage solutions to full capacity room solutions in organisations as varied as museums and colleges our friendly team can help your make the most of your storage space . We offer archive storage solutions that are designed to help companies maximise their storage space.

          Wikipedia mobile shelving

  • What is mobile shelving? Roller Racking? Industrial Moving Storage?
  • What is mobile shelving? Roller Racking? Industrial Moving Storage?