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Picture Racking

Picture Racking / Art Storage

Onorin Storage has a range of picture racking which is the ideal way for Museums and organisations or even individuals who need a safe and efficient way to store valuable artwork.

The high density picture racking systems successfully allows you to store your artwork safely and efficiently without the need to handle the delicate work or resort to stacking. This also allows them be viewed where they are without having to rehang in a different location and taking up other valuable space in the process.

Configured to your exact requirements

Every organisation’s needs are different and we offer the choice to configure things exactly to your requirements and provide exact spacing between storage racks. This allows us to fully maximise the space available and give you the best value system.

The range of colours is virtually infinite, so your picture racking can seamlessly blend into the existing aesthetics of a room or archive or be used as a way to strongly reflect whatever vision you have in mind for this project…

Picture Racking Installation Options

Top hung racking ensures that your floorspace can be maintained without obstruction.

Floor mounted systems are better adopted if you have high ceilings or you don’t have a suitable structure to fix to.

  • Picture Racking
  • Picture Racking