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RADCAPS UK sell top quality central heating plastic valve caps to replace discoloured, broken, unsightly or missing radiator caps. They found that as their company grew, the need to store more and more files and documents increased also. Initially they thought to just look at get further shelving units to meet this demand, however, the problem they had was to add further shelving units would also need enough space for people to access the files and this would further reduce their already dwindling office space.

As Radcaps were not in a position to be able move to a larger office they had to find a way to maximise the space they currently have. Onorin Storage provided the perfect solution, with the Onorin mobile shelving units not only were they able to effectively double the available space to store extra shelving bays but the extra space that it freed up, allowed them to purchase one of Onorin’s designer desk combinations which meant they could finally bring in an extra member of staff to cope with the ever increasing demand for their fantastic products.

What RadCaps say

Working with Onorin was a delight, they were so friendly and highly professional. They were able to provide us exactly what we needed, with the minimum of fuss. We would be more than happy to recommend them to anyone.

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